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The Auction

For the opportunity to participate in The Kruger Trail you need to buy Leg 1 via an annual auction.


The trail is sold to a group of eight.  No individual or partial bookings.


The group have to complete Leg 1 to continue on to Leg 2.  Once you have started the trail you do not have to bid for the subsequent legs, but will be allocated dates according to a roster.


There is a set fee for each leg starting from Leg 2 through to Leg 6.  This leg fee is adjusted annually for inflation.

Auction date

October 2023

The auction for 2023 trails has been concluded.  The next auction for trails starting 2024 will take place during October of 2023.

Please send an email to to start your auction registration process or to receive more information regarding the auction.



Auction registration


For more information and to register for the auction, please contact us at

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