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Click here to listen to a webinar on the Kruger Trail

MAP BASIC OUTLINE  with logo with GREEN.

Route map not accurate or according to scale.

What to expect

  • Expect the wilderness experience of your lifetime!

  • The total length is approximately 650 kilometres

  • The trail is divided into six legs

  • Each leg is between 100 and 120 km in length

  • Expect to walk between 15 and 24 km per day over rough terrain

  • A leg is completed in six days

  • Travellers walk two legs per year

  • The trail is completed over three years

  • The journey is completed systematically from North to South

  • It is unsupported ... participants carry all they need

  • We sleep in the bush and there are no ablutions or campsites

  • Two trails guides lead the group and look after their safety

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