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The Journey


Your journey starts at Crook's Corner in the far North of Kruger, on the unpredictable Limpopo river which forms the border between South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


Systematically heading South you will travel through magnificent Baobab forests, river gorges, Mopane thickets, open grass plains and woodlands with a rich variety of plant and animal life.

Crook's corner

The route explores the true wilderness areas of this vast park. You will walk where few humans have walked before.  This is wild and primitive  country, virtually untouched by human development. For days at a time you will see no other humans, other than your travelling companions.


On the way you will meet up with some of the locals, such as elephant, buffalo, giraffe and lion.  You will enjoy huge open vistas and secret fountains bubbling with life.


You will realize that you are not alone on this journey.  Traveling with your companions, you will see the cultural footprints of those who came before you.  You will build bonds which will last a lifetime.


At the end of the journey you will leave a bit of yourself at the Isivivane.  This is more than a cairn of stones at Thlalabye on the Crocodile river.  It is a symbol of life and a footprint for others to follow.

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