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Our Logo


The stylistic elephant rock painting represents the rich ecological and cultural heritage of Kruger National Park.   It is based on one of only two known elephant rock paintings found in Kruger NP and which can be seen on the trail.  It depicts both the human history of this ancient land and the vibrant wildlife which thrives today in this special place.

The History


The Kruger Trail is an initiative of the Maglies Region (Pretoria) of the SANParks Honorary Rangers.


The project was initiated in 2016 after discussions with Kruger National Park management.   2016 was dedicated to planning the trail and investigating potential routes. 


Official approval for the project was granted by SANParks in 2017 and the first exploration trail (Leg 1) took place during the same year.


During 2018 the routes for a further three legs were finalised.  It is also the year in which the first two guest groups started the trail, completing Legs 1 and 2.


2019 saw the finalisation of the last two legs.   A full compliment of five new groups started Leg 1 of the trail.


On the 3rd of August 2019 we started our Isivivane on Thlalabye hill, when Louis Lemmer became the first person to complete The Kruger Trail.

The first guests, the Bana group, completed their journey on the 27th of March 2021.


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SANParks Honorary Rangers


The SANParks Honorary Rangers are the official volunteer organisation supporting the South African National Parks.  The SHR is a self-governing body, which is organisationally and financially independent of SANParks.  The SHR is however dedicated to supporting the work being done by SANParks to manage, promote and protect our national parks.  We work according to an MOU which regulates the relationship between the two organisations.


SHR is a registered not for profit and NGO.  Our members are unpaid volunteers who give their time and skills to promote conservation.  All the profit made out of The Kruger Trail is used to support conservation activities in Kruger National Park and other National Parks.


Magalies region is one of 31 regions spread across the country.   Magalies is the newest SHR region.  It was established in 2017 and is based in the North of Pretoria.

​​The logo is based on the rock cairns which ancient travellers would place as markers

at key places on their route.  These are called "Isivivane."  As participants in The Kruger

Trail, we also become travellers and explorers.

The logo represents the ethos of The Kruger Trail, which brings modern humans back in touch with our wilderness roots.  This is the ultimate wilderness experience!

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